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My name is Tania Field – founder at Rich River Sleep Consultant. I am a mother, a family day care provider, infant massage instructor and a woman who understands the importance of a good night’s sleep.

Working with children has always been my sole focus and one that has brought me so much unreserved joy. I have dedicated my career to this passion, engaging in study and practice that focus solely on the gentle nurturing and support of children and infants.


I am passionate about children, their healthy development and how best to create environments and routines that allow them to thrive. Over the past 12 years as a family day care provider, I have nurtured and cared for many children and babies.


Through my work I have garnered a solid understanding and belief that routine (be it strict or flexible) is directly linked to children who are happier, healthier and more able to flourish.

As a mother of two young boys I am also incredibly aware of the demands of raising children, particularly when there is not much rest happening - as was the case in our household when our boys were young.

When I say I understand what you are going through, I genuinely mean it. I also understand the importance of a non-judgemental, supportive service to get you and your family the sleep and sanity you so desperately need.

My feeling is that asking for help when you need it is not a sign of bad parenting, in fact it is quite the opposite. Asking for help when you know you need it makes you a great parent. And I am here to help.


Internationally-recognised Infant and Child Sleep Consultant is my official credential, but it’s my empathy, compassion and non-judgemental approach that make my practice so effective.

As a mother of two boys who barely shut their eyes as infants. I fully understand the exhaustion of parents whose babies don’t sleep consistently.

After attending sleep school with my own sons and learning so much, I knew then that I wanted to support other parents in theway I had been supported - with the empathy and compassion that comes with having this shared experience.

Sleep school, for me, marked such a positive shift - a turning point in my life as a parent of young children.Almost immediately I knew that this was to be my direction.

My mission is to help other parents of young children form healthy sleeping routines, and in turn, be more equipped to focus on the other joys and demands of parenting.


If 12 years as a family day care provider has taught me anything, it is that no two children or family are the same. 


My aim then, is to provide each family a personalised sleep plan to suit their individual needs based on lifestyle factors, parenting styles and of course the personality of the child.  

My expertise and knowledge can support you with a range of sleep or sleep-affecting concerns including:​

  • Sleeping through the night

  • Naps

  • Establishing a flexible or strict routine

  • Early morning wake ups

  • Weaning your child off their swaddle/dummy

  • Extending naps

  • Cat napping

  • Late bedtimes

  • Teaching self-settling skills

  • Getting your newborn to sleep

  • A feed-to-sleep association

  • Toddler not staying in bed

  • Transitioning to a cot/bed

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. There will be other concerns unique to your experience, and I would be happy to discuss these with you. 


My primary goal is to help you tackle whatever it is that is stopping you and your family from getting the rest you deserve.


Training Methods

• Certificate III in Children’s Services CHC30402 (Child Care) from 2009

• Fully qualified and internationally accredited Infant and Child Sleep Consultant since 2020

• Infant Massage Australia Instructor from 2003

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"Lola was unable to get to sleep without mum or dad lying in bed with her for a prolonged period, causing mum and dad to have no down time at night." 

"Lola would wake 5+ times through the night with what we think is night terrors requiring one of us to sleep with her to go back to sleep, other issues were she would wake her baby sister up through the night and the whole house would be awake for hours at night."

"Tania’s recommendations have enabled us to get to a point where Lola can put herself to sleep; we get some downtime and actually sleep in our own beds at night!


"We have had to be persistent and push Lola out of comfort zones, but have definitely seen a huge improvement and she is waking up less at night. Thanks again for all your help."




"Tania helped my son Wyatt and I when he was 6 months old for around two weeks. I can’t recommend her enough! She was a massive help."


"With her structure, guidance and support she helped Wyatt go from waking 4 times a night for a bottle (he was refusing them during the day and he was also waking multiple times between having his bottles) to no more night bottles or waking up every 30 minutes!" 


"We were able to consolidate his day sleeps and with the introduction of solids (protein) this helped tenfold and now he sleeps 7-7! Thanks so much Tania!"




"Tania was great to work with. She spoke to me and gave me an in depth intake form to fill out so that she could tailor a program to meet my families needs." 

"She tailored a sleep program that was individual to my circumstances in regards to a daily routine for my (at the time 5 month old) daughter Rylee that also took into consideration my 3 year old son." 

"She helped me to learn how much sleep Rylee needed during the day that would encourage her to wake less overnight. She taught me how to consolidate her sleep and a technique to use if she woke early." 

"Tania ensured we left her mentorship well equipped going forward by giving me the upcoming routines for the rest of her first year."




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